Wonton Cup Lasagne

Wonton Cup Lasagne (7 cups) Big Muffin Baking Paper Cup 7 cups Button mushrooms 100 grams Wonton skin 1 pkt Ricotta cheese 250 grams Chopped Spinach 100 grams Crushed tomato 150 grams Feta cheese 150... Continue Reading

Portobello Open Lasagne

Portobello Open Lasagne (Serves 4) Portobello 2 pieces Cherry tomatoes 20 pieces Mozerella 300 grams Lasagne sheet 8 pieces Olive oil 4 tbsp Butter 1/2 tbsp Garlic 1 clove Lemon juice 1 tbsp Sweet chi... Continue Reading

Lemon Chilly Dressing

Lemon Chilli Dressing Lemon juice 2 tbsp Olive oil 6 tbsp Garlic 1 cloves Thai Sweet chilly sauce 2 tsp A pinch of salt and pepper Chop garlic and whisk everything together. A great dressing for seafo... Continue Reading

Asian Aubergine Halloumi Stack

Asian Aubergine Halloumi Stack Aubergine 1 piece Sweet potatoes 1 piece Tomatoes 3 pieces A handful of rucola Curry powder 1 tbsp Cooking oil 1 1/2 tbsp Halloumi 100 grams Cut aubergine, sweet potato... Continue Reading

Baby Kailan with Garlic Sauce

Baby Kai Lan With Garlic Sauce Baby kailan 300 grams Garlics 3 cloves Cooking oil 2 tbsp Sesame oil 1 tsp Vegan oyster sauce 2 tbsp Sugar 1/2 tsp A pinch of pepper Chop off ends of baby kailan stems.... Continue Reading