Khoo Kongsi Penang Video

I have been to Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi many times but everytime I discover new things about it. It is indeed one of the most majestic heritage buildings in Penang. Only thing I can advice anyone wh... Continue Reading

Pulau Kendi

  Pulau Kendi If you are looking for a quiet deserted beach, this little island is a little off Penang Island, it is still consider a part of Penang. Also known as is known in hokkien as Hor Lor... Continue Reading

Malaysian Multiculture

To really know about Malaysian food, one must look into the history of the country and the ancestry of the people. The Malaysian multi-ethnical society was led by the historical location, the trading... Continue Reading

Live to eat

The Malaysian way is not “eat to live” but “live to eat”. This dish is “Nasi Lemak” (means “Creamy Rice or Oily Rice” in Malay, the rice is cooked in co... Continue Reading

Penang Heritage – video

Colonial houses and clan associations of Penang... Continue Reading

Some Things Never Change – video

  Some things modern technology can never change in the fantastic Island of Penang. The future is bleak but they are tough enough to live through that. When the going get tough, the tough get goi... Continue Reading

Thaipusam In Penang – video

    Thaipusam a celebration of the Gods. Kavadi Attam carried out by devotees during the ceremonial worship of Lord Murugan, the Hindu God od War. Devotees take a vow to dedicate kavadis dur... Continue Reading

Doorways To Heritage – video

  Doors Of Temples and heritage houses in Penang  ... Continue Reading