Sambal Ikan Bilis

Rather hard to take a nice picture on Sambal Ikan Bilis, no matter how you garnish will still look that way but who cares as long it taste fantastic. What say you? SAMBAL IKAN BILIS (Sambal Asian Anch... Continue Reading

Retro Smoked Salmon With Cavair

  Helen’s lunch, what can I make for her since she is on a gluten free, dairy free and Safe Zone Diet. So I searched my fridge to look for ingredients to put together a meal for her. I deci... Continue Reading

Vegetarian Loh Bah

  VEGETARIAN LOH BAH (6 pieces) Taro 150 grams Chestnuts 70 grams Chinese mushrooms 4 pieces Five spice powder 1 tsp White pepper 2 ml Sugar 1 1/2 tsp Salt 1 1/2 ml Tofu skin (15cm x15cm) 6 piece... Continue Reading

Dragon fruit Mango shrimps salad

DRAGON FRUIT MANGO SHRIMPS (1 portion)    200 gram frozen cooked cold water shrimps 1/2 dragon fruit 1/2 mango 1 dl chopped iceberg salad   Thaw and peel shrimps. Scoop out the dragon fruit... Continue Reading

Minty Green Smoothie

Minty Green Smoothie 150 grams seedless green grapes 100 grams frozen green peas 1/3 zucchini 1/3 cucumber 5 sprigs of parsley 10 to 12 sprigs of mint 2 dl cold water Cut cucumber, zucchini in small p... Continue Reading

Yellow Dragon Smoothie

Yellow Dragon Smoothie 1 dragonfruit 1 mango 200 ml coconut milk Cut dragonfruit into halves, scoop meat out with a spoon into a blender. Peel and cut mango into smaller pieces. Combine all the ingred... Continue Reading

Steamed Cod With Chilli Ginger

STEAMED COD WITH CHILLI GINGER (serve 2) 300 grams of cod fillet A dash of lemon juice A pinch of salt and pepper Ginger Chilly Sauce: 1 1/2 tsp of coconut fat 3 cloves of garlic 2.5 cm ginger 1 mediu... Continue Reading

Steamed Spring Rolls With Prawns

Steam Spring Rolls With Prawns 4 clear edible rice paper sheet 1 bunch fresh cilantro leaves 1 bunch fresh mint leaves 2 dl julienne cucumber 2 dl julienne carrot 1 dl fresh bean sprouts 30 grams verm... Continue Reading

Rosemary Chicken With Mashed Sweet Potato and Carrot Cucumber Strips

Rosemary Chicken With Mashed Sweet Potato and Carrot Cucumber Strips   2 chicken whole legs 1 tbsp tamari 1 tsp rosemary A pinch of black pepper 1 tbsp of butter 1 carrot 1 cucumber 1 1/2 yogurt... Continue Reading

Angoorr Ka Sherbat

Angoorr Ka Sherbat 200 grams black grapes 1/2 tbsp raw honey 1/2 ml cummin powder 4 tsp lemon juice Blend the grapes with honey in a blender to a smooth purée. Add in cummin powder and lemon juice for... Continue Reading