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My Swedish wife and I were in Penang some time back to do a research on a food guide with the help of my brother-in-law Choi Lai. We should have follow our instincts and recommendations of my brother-in-law. We tried some food recommended by other food guides and spending lots of money on tourist craps they recommended, we were very disappointed. We were more into the real “local’ taste”, for example: not some Peranakan food that suit a ‘Mat Sallehs’ (foreigners ) taste recommended by guide books. Lots of other blogs and food guides, lots of time wasted trying all these recommendations since we were in Penang for about 3 weeks and lots of disappointment.
‘Live to eat’ are for those who are into the real thing. Being born in Penang, that is the least I can do for my birthplace (even though I am a Swedish citizen now) and my wife have lived in Penang and other parts of Malaysia for many years. Our love for Malaysian food leads us on this quest, to do justice to the real thing.

Everytime we tell my brother-in-law, we want to go to a certain place to try a certain type of food, he always says, ”I can take you to a better place”. It always turns out to be right, he would drive us to the other side of the island for about 30 minutes or some shabby place to try what he think that is good enough for his very high standard of taste. And sometimes I also sit in the road site stalls near the hotel, talking to some middle age or even elder guys, they are the ones that know best where to try out some good food.
We will not accept any payments or free food for any recommendations on this site. This is for free and for the love of good food! All that are mention here are definately worthy to be in ‘Live to eat’ food guide.We must really bear in mind all these hawkers have really worked very real hard and long hours to give us their very best. And all those which I have recommended are very good, I am not saying they are the best, maybe somewhere in some corners or backlanes may have a stall of the same food that is even better. But I can only say they are my favourite stalls.


Yours truly,
The food addict,



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