Chai Leng Park Pork Trotter Mee Suah

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We were just roaming around looking for food when we were visiting my cousin sister in Chai Leng Park, we stopped at Restoran Yang Way (they call it restoran but it actually is more like a kopi tiam), didn’t even know the road name but anyway it is in Chai Leng Park. We saw this stall selling duck mee suah and wanted to try that but it was finished (at 12 noon, must be good, I presume). Anyway we ordered for pork trotter mee suah instead, didn’t have high expectation.

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The soup base was sweet and very rich with herb taste, with some kei chee and dong kwai. Pork trotter pactically melt in the mouth. Mee Suah was cooked to perfection, not too soft.

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Sometimes an accidental find can be a good find, I would give it a thumbs up but I really wish I can also sample the duck mee suah. Is it the best? I can only say it is very good and worth a try, value for money. Prices are quite reasonable too. RM4.50 to RM 5.00 depends on what you order for. The owner of the stall told me that his biz starts at 7.00am to 4.00pm.

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