Retro Smoked Salmon With Cavair

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Helen’s lunch, what can I make for her since she is on a gluten free, dairy free and Safe Zone Diet. So I searched my fridge to look for ingredients to put together a meal for her. I decicided to make what I called Retro Smoked Salmon Salad with Caviar (very 80s presentation). I believe that she would gladly trade that for my 3 days old sambal, hard boil eggs and rice meal. But since she is allergy to eggs and off chilli…sorry lah!

Retro Smoked Salmon Salad

Cold smoked salmon 4 slices
Radish 4
Avocado 1
Cauliflower 2 to 3 flowerets
Cucumber 1/3
Chopped Onion 1 tsp
Caviar 1/2 tbsp
A handful of salad leaves

Wash and chop up the salad roughly, wash radish, trim off the head and the end and cut into wedges. Cut avocado into 1/2 and scoop out the flesh. Mix salad, radish and avocado then place that on a plate. Blanch cauliflower for 1 minute to inactivate the goitrogen and also place that on the plate. top the salad with 2 slices of salmon. Peel cucumber, cut into 3 equal section and use a small teaspoon to scoop out the centre part of the cucumber to make into cucumber cups. Chop the two remaining smoked salmon and fill up all the 3 cups. Top with with chopped onion and then with cavair. Place on plate and serve Retro Smoked Salmon Salad with some olive oil and a wedge of lemon.

NOTE: You can also add some grated carrot and dessicated coconut on the side if you like

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