Nasi Lemak

Jie Hoe nasi lemak

Situated at  Jln Cantonment in Jie Hoe Cafe, this coffee shop doesn’t look much of a big deal on the surface but wait untill you have tasted the Famous Nonya Nasi Lemak. Sorry lah! you might have to wait a while for your turn to be served but it is sure worth the wait. To avoid disappointment, be there before 9.00am. The Nasi Lemak sells out very early.
It has the authentic taste of the Nasi Lemak sold by the Indian Kueh man of the 60s. In the 60s, these Indian kueh hawkers carried steaming hot Laksa and also baskets of Nonya kuehs, balanced on a pole. They walked the streets to sell their food. That was tough work. Most of their food were from the Nonya wholesalers.
Be careful of the sambal belachan….super hot but the way my wife and I like it.
Price is Rm3.50 per pack.

Jie Hoe nasi lemak

Address: Jie Hoe Cafe
46 Jln Cantonment

But if you prefer Melayu Nasi Lemak, try the one in Sri Weld Hawker Centre, it is also one of my favourite. You can have a bigger choice of accompaniment: chicken, mackerel, ikan bilis, egg, sotong or salted fish. Topped with their special sambal gravy.
Extremely cheap and great taste.

Sri Weld hawker centre

Address: Medan Selera Sri Weld
Lebuh Pantai

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