Ban Chan Kueh

Ban Chan Kueh


There are two very good Ban Chan Kueh stalls, both are in Pulau tikus, one is outside 77 Food Yard,  using gas stoves which is open for buisness in the morning and the other one is directly opposite the Pulau Tikus police Station at the road junction, using the original charcoal stoves, open for buisness in the afternoon.


Pulau Tikus junction Ban Chan Kueh
This is the Chinese peanut pancake, sweet corn and banana can also be added, topped with margarine. Watching the both of them making pancake is hell of a sight….high speed and hands without stopping to rest. I  just wonder how many hundreds of those pancakes they make each day.


Ban Chan Kueh
So what is the verdict???? Really, I can only say both are as tasty, anyway my wife loves those ban chan kueh.

Address: 77 Food Yard
(Burmah Road)
Pulau Tikus
Pulau Pinang

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