Penang Food Guide

Penang Streetfood Heaven – video

  The Pride of Penang, all these hawkers work long hours to give the best in what they do. Without them, Penang can never be the Streetfood Paradise.          ... Continue Reading

Penang Food Paradise – video

  I really hope this video will really do justice to the famous Hawker Paradise of Penang. Born in Penang but now I have migrated to Sweden. Nothing is more enjoyable for me than sitting by the r... Continue Reading

Best Char Koay Kak – video

  These sisters have been working with their father since they were 12 to 14 years old. I was living next door with my granny to the place they had their food stall in the 60′s. After so ma... Continue Reading

Hokkien Mee

Penang Hokkien Mee is the signature dish of Penang, it is a must to try if you are there. In the old days, the soup is made from boiling pork ribs and prawns. Traditionally, cubes of fried pork fat we... Continue Reading

Nasi Lemak

Situated at  Jln Cantonment in Jie Hoe Cafe, this coffee shop doesn’t look much of a big deal on the surface but wait untill you have tasted the Famous Nonya Nasi Lemak. Sorry lah! you might hav... Continue Reading

White Curry Noodle

Hot Bowl Nonya Delight gained its reputation for its signature White Curry Mee. The owner used to operate from a pushcart stall along Rangoon Road before expanding to a restaurant. His specialty is th... Continue Reading

Vegetarian Food

We also found this place by accident, without having high expection, my wife and I decided to go in for dinner. We ordered Nasi Kandar, Loh Bah and Prawn fritters. They improvised everything to make i... Continue Reading

Roti Canai

For a change, you can try the roti canai stall in Transfer Road for breakfast. It has been a favourite for many Penangites and tourists, and it is usually packed with customers. This stall has chicken... Continue Reading

Dim Sum

Located at Cintra Street is De Tai Tong Cafe, it has been there since I was a little kid. For most Penangites, it needs no introduction. What makes Tai Tong so special? The Dim Sum, of course, and the... Continue Reading

Tandoori Chicken And Claypot Lamb

    Just a short walk away from Gurney Drive, this restaurant is situated at Gurney Tower. They have the best Tandoori Chicken, we have ever tasted. you must also check out the Claypot Lamb... Continue Reading