Isaac Lee


  KIAM CHYE DUCK SOUP (SALTED VEGETABLE SOUP WITH DUCK) Whole duck 1 whole Pickled mustard green 300 grams Water 2 1/2 litre Tamarind skin 1 piece Sour plums 2 pieces Tomatoes 2 pieces Red chilli... Continue Reading

Vegetarian Springrolls

  VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS Medium size carrot 1 piece Cabbage 150 grams Capsicum 50 grams Dried shiitake mushrooms 5 pieces Onion 1/2 piece Garlic 2 cloves Cooking oil 2 tbsp Sesame oil 1 tbsp Ligh... Continue Reading

Glass Noodle Soup With Salmon

  Glass Noodle Soup With Salmon ( Serve 2 ) 200 grams salmon fillet 100 grams glass noodles 5 dl chicken broth 1 liter of water 1 crushed lemon grass 3 kaffir lime leaves 1/2 red onion 2 garlics... Continue Reading


  SWEDISH SKAGEN ON TOAST 150 grams of peeled cooked shrimps A handful of fresh dill 40 grams sour cream 40 grams cavair Juice from 2 lemon wedges Salt and pepper to taste A few slice of bread (s... Continue Reading


  VEGETABLE PILAO 2 cups jasmine rice 1/2 onion 3 cloves garlics 1 big carrot 50 grams brocolli 100 grams button mushrooms 2 dl frozen green peas 3 cloves 1 tbsp cumin seeds 4 cardamons 10 pieces... Continue Reading

Warmest Thanks To All, Just Open This Door To Your Hearts

Blameitongranny crew want to extend a big THANK YOU for all your support and visits on our website and facebook page which have 370 “Likes” since J... Continue Reading


  Big cucumber 1/2 Red capsicum 3 pieces Tomato 5 pieces Garlic 1 clove Vinegar 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil 1 dl Water 1 dl Salt 1 1/2 tsp Cut and remove seeds from capsicum. Cut the rest of th... Continue Reading

Bak Kut Teh

  BAK KUT TEH Bak Kut Teh herbs 1 pkt Pork ribs 1 kg Garlics 2 bulbs(with skin on) Dried shitaki mushroom 6 pieces Tofu puffs(tau fu pok) 8 pieces Water 1 to 1 1/2 lit Light soya sauce 2 tbsp Dar... Continue Reading

Pulau Kendi

  Pulau Kendi If you are looking for a quiet deserted beach, this little island is a little off Penang Island, it is still consider a part of Penang. Also known as is known in hokkien as Hor Lor... Continue Reading

Curried Lamb Shank Stew

  CURRIED STEW LAMB SHANK Lambshanks                     4 pieces Paprika powder                1 1/2 Tbsp Black peppercorn             1 tsp (crushed) Onion                                  1 pi... Continue Reading